The passion for cycling and natural beauty

Although already a cycling fan before arriving in the south of France (no surprise, I’m from Belgium !) some 15 years ago, I really re-discovered cycling here. Ok, I admit, the nice weather and feeling the warmth of the sun on your legs and your face almost year-round makes things a lot easier. But it’s about so much more than the “weather-cliché”. In this region, the whole cycling experience is simply reaching some higher levels in terms of natural beauty, spectacular views, colors, and lovely places to take a break.

During the past years, each time I left for another bike ride, I added or removed sections (sometimes with some help from my bike soulmates with the same romantic vision on cycling as me) until the tour was perfect and the Holy Grail was found.

Because cycling is about so much more than average speed, watts, competition, and the Mt Ventoux. It’s all about the in-depth experience, the sun on your skin, the beauty of cycling, listening to the sound of turning wheels, feeling the wind blowing through your leg hair, and finding peace when riding alone or sharing unforgettable moments when riding with good friends.

Enjoy your ride !

Dimitri Renard