Bike Tour 3 :

Hérault River and Medieval Villages

A beautiful, relatively short tour with quiet a lot of climbing honouring the river Hérault and passing through some kind of lost valley.


THE Climbs

  • 2.9 km (5.2%)

  • 1.5 km (7.3%)

  • 2.2 km (7.2%)

  • 6.3 km (3.7%)


  • Distance: 47 km

  • Ascent: 920 m


The river Hérault

Originating from its source at an altitude of 1370 m in the Cévennes mountains and running through remote valleys into the Mediterranean sea, the Hérault is one of the natural landmarks of the region.

medieval villages

Two idyllic medieval villages, one at the start and one along the route, will throw you back in time while riding your bike.



  • A charming medieval village at the start of the bike tour.

  • Enjoy the silence while riding through a remote, somewhat isolated valley, with at the end of the valley one of the nicest medieval villages of the region popping up.

  • Very nice views on the river Hérault. Take a break and climb (by foot) a rock (only about five meters high) giving you an unique view over the Hérault river.

  • At the middle of the tour, leave your bike and take a dive into the Hérault and swim under a beautiful 14th century bridge.

  • One of the nicest and most typical bars in the region, in the middle of a medieval village.

  • Including two lovely hikes:

    • Hike 1: A 12 km return trip with a lot of climbing (6 km x 2, 720 m ascent) to one of the highest summits (942 m) in the region south of the Cévennes. Full 360° bird eye view !

    • Hike 2: A 6 km long surprising hike (210 ascent) leading you through a beautiful little river canyon. One of the most spectacular and adventurous hikes in the region.

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