Bike Tour 6 :

The Cévennes I

Looking for a tour with a lot a climbing in the south part of the remote Cévennes mountains? This is the one.



  • 19.7 km, 3.6%

  • 10.5 km, 3.7%

  • 10 km, 3.3%

  • 7.4 km, 4%


  • Distance: 87 km

  • Ascent: 1840 m


The cévennes

The entire tour is located in the Cévennes National Park, a beautiful mountainous area in the south of France.

The remoteness

There is something special about this remote place. Experience the feeling of calm and roughness, mixed with a taste sadness and darkness.



  • This is one of the two (together with Bike Tour 7) pure Cévennes tours, entirely located in the National Park.

  • Really the big up-and-down bike tour, almost no flat kilometer. For those who love long and smooth climbs.

  • The view from the second col resumes it well: look to the west and admire the beautiful Aigoual and Lingas mountains, turn your head and look to the south where you can see the Mediterranean sea at the horizon.

  • Including two beautiful hikes near one of the cols you pass when riding the bike tour:

    • Hike 1: A 4 km (240 m ascent) hike between altitude 900 m and 1100 m in the south of the Cévennes offering huge panoramas covering the entire region.

    • Hike 2: At the other side of the col, a 5.5 km (240 m ascent) hike at the same altitude including spectacular views on the Cévennes summits around, the Mediterranean sea at the horizon, and the Mt Ventoux in case of very clear weather.

Accommodation suggestion

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