In Practice


the bike tours

  • Each bike tour stands on his own, offering a circuit with the same start and finish place.

  • Distances of bike tours range from 42 to 117 km, and with 400 to 2100 m to be climbed.

  • Because of the hilly terrain, the tours are best to enjoy with a road bike, but also possible with a touring or mountain bike.

  • For each bike tour, we supply GPS data, maps, and easy-to-use navigation instructions. You choose how to navigate.

  • You can choose just one or two bike tours to have a taste of the bike experience in this fantastic region, or you can plan a real bike holiday over here and ride each day another tour in the area.


How to choose your bike tour

  • That depends on the distance you want to ride and if you like to climb.

    • Short distances (42-48 km) with relatively short climbs: Bike tours 1, 3, and 4

    • Long distance (112 km) without real climbs: Bike tour 8

    • Intermediate distance (87-91 km) with a lot of climbing: Bike tours 5, 6, and 7

    • Long distance (117 km) and a lot of climbing: Bike tour 2

  • Do you prefer the typical Mediterranean atmosphere, or rather the solitude of the mystic Cévennes mountains ?

    • Typical “south of France”, arid and rocky garrigue-landscapes: Bike tours 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8

    • The rough Cévennes mountains and its National Park: Bike tours 6 and 7

    • Bike tour 5 is combining both

  • Very small common sections exist between tours 2 and 5 (3 km), 4 and 8 (3km), 5 and 6 (8 km), 2 and 3 (10 km), and 1 and 5 (10 km).


Take a swim

In search for the ultimate experience ? Paradise is calling ! Put your bike aside, grab your swimsuit from your back pocket and take a swim in the river. To enjoy from June through September, or before and after these months for the most courageous ones !

  • The Hérault river is waiting for you on Bike tour 2 (at the start or the end of the tour), 3 (during the tour), and 5 (during and after the tour). These three tours have a paradisaical swim location in common. Despite the fact that the Hérault is a really small river in summer season, here is a kind of basin (200 m long, 40 m width, and 2-4 m deep) due to some kind of natural dam.

  • On Bike tour 8, you can take a dip in the Vidourle river.



For each bike tour, we also propose two hikes on or very near the selected bike tour, ranging from easy and short return trips (to join panoramic viewpoints for instance) to longer hikes. Hike distances range from 2 to 12 km. Ideal for accompanying non-biking friends or family. While you are burning your legs on the bike, they are having a lazy walk and enjoying the same stunning views as you. Because family peace matters ! Or you can do the hike all together in the evening after your bike tour if you got some energy left, or on another the day. These hikes also offer ideal places for having a picnic or enjoying sunset.



For each of the bike tours, we suggest a charming place to stay (hotel, guest house, or B&B) near the start of the tour, so you can easily take you bike from where you stay to join the start of the bike tour.


For each selected bike tour, you get

  • For the Bike tour:

    • GPS files (gpx. and klm. format), to import on your bike computer or smart phone.

    • PDF files of the maps, to print out and put in your back pocket.

    • PDF file of easy-to-use detailed navigation instructions (including parking information at the start of the tour, navigation directives on each road intersection, data on each climb, short description about things to see or to do on your bike tour), to print out and put in your back pocket.

    • PDF file including only the most essential navigation directives, to print out, cut and fix with transparent tape on the top tube of your bike (don’t hesitate to cover the entire strip with transparent tape to protect it from sweat dripping on your top tube).

  • For the hikes:

    • GPS files (gpx. and klm. format). We recommend GPS-based navigation for the hikes. Or you can buy the IGN 1/25.000 map if you want (we indicate which map is corresponding for each hike).

    • PDF files of the (web-based) maps.


bike repair and rental

  • Nîmes

    • Cycles Passieu: bike rental of a small amount of high-end road bikes (in advance booking recommended).

  • Calvisson (between Sommières and Nîmes)

  • Montpellier and Lunel

    • Cyrpeo: bike rental of a very large amount of road bikes, from entry-level to top-of-the-range and electric road bikes, with the possibility of delivery of the rental bikes to your hotel or stay somewhere in the region.